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M.P., Pearson J.A., Molleson T.I., Russell N. and Martin L. (2003) - Stable Isotope Evidence of Diet at Neolithic Çatalhöyük, Turkey. Journal of Archaeological Science 30(1) : 67-76.



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Dear Zooarch,
I am currently working the animal bones from a late Neolithic site in Syria (Tell Sabi Abyad) and I was hoping to undertake a stable isotope study as part of my research . The initial idea was to look at carbon and nitrogen isotopes in order to look at diet. 21 sheep distal humeri were analysed in a preliminary study. Unfortunately the collagen preservation was very bad, so bad in fact that no further analysis could be untaken for many of the bones. This has left the isotope study in some difficulty. Although more samples will be collected this year during fieldwork the outlook for collagen preservation does not bode well!
Do any of you know of successful stable isotope research being carried out on bone material from Near Eastern sites? Does anyone have any tips or advice?
Any help would be much appreciated.

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