Dear Satoru,

This sounds exactly like what I need.

I just downloaded it but could not find this hidden option. I also  
found the documentation to differ from what you have quoted in your  
email. Could you please check if the version you mentioned is  
available for downloading.

Many thanks,


Zitat von Satoru Hayasaka <[log in to unmask]>:

> Dear Stefan,
>> I am trying to perform a correction at the cluster level when using an
>> F-test. From checking the archives I understand that this has not yet
> been
>> implemented in SPM5.
>> Does anybody know a temporary fix for this. Fmristat
>> ( has been suggested in an
>> earlier
>> mail but I could not find the right tools there either.
> Well, actually we have written a wrapper program that allows you to
> calculate cluster p-values for F-contrasts via fmristat. For more
> details, see
> =22297
> This toolbox is designed for cluster p-value calculation in VBM-like
> analyses (i.e., under non-uniform smoothness or non-stationarity). But
> there is a hidden feature in this NS toolbox that allows you to
> calculate cluster p-values (t- or F-contrasts). This can be done by
> creating a global variable called ASSUME_STATIONARY and setting it to 1.
> Here is an excerpt from its documentation.
> % A hidden feature of spm_list_nS allows calculation of cluster p-values
> % for t- and F-images under stationarity as well. This is implemented by
> % the stat_thresh function using the results by Cao [1]. This feature is
> % activated by creating a global variable called ASSUME_STATIONARY and
> % set it to 1. Otherwise spm_list_nS calculates cluster p-values under
> % non-stationarity.
> %
> % [1] Cao J, The Size of the Connected Components of Excursion Sets of
> %     Chi^2, t, and F Fields. Advances in Applied Probability 31:579-595
> %     (1999)
> Good luck!
> -Satoru
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