Dear SPMEEGers
I am having a problem reading bdf EEG files using spm_eeg_rdata_bdf.m Essentially it falls over when trying to convert 'bytes' to decimal as indicated by the error message below. When I look at 'bytes' it is something like "00/0000", which isnt a binary string as it should be. Not sure why this is (maybe Biosemi samples the Event Channel at a different rate than EEG?) and would appreciate any advice from others who use this function.
>> spm_eeg_rdata_bdf
External channels:
1: EXG1
2: EXG2
3: EXG3
4: EXG4
5: EXG5
6: EXG6
7: EXG7
8: EXG8
Warning: No HEOG channel.
> In spm_eeg_rdata_bdf at 113
Warning: No VEOG channel.
> In spm_eeg_rdata_bdf at 122
Warning: No reference channel.
> In spm_eeg_rdata_bdf at 131
??? Error using ==> bin2dec at 61
Binary string may consist only of characters 0 and 1
Error in ==> spm_eeg_rdata_bdf at 363