Yes - we are considering it for Northumberland.  I was very kindly sent
a taster and later a .kmz file by someone who had noted some
Northumbrian earthworks and cropmarks.  I'm busy updating the HER/SMR
entries we have for those that have been recorded - some old friends
amongst them, and creating new HER/SMR entries for the ones we don't.
The .kmz file included examples from Norfolk and the Midlands as well.
If you are using screen shots as a 'curator' - perhaps sent in by
someone from outside the county - or very focussed on the monument of
whatever sort you might need to convert the latitude and longitude in
national grid references.  As Chris has just noted it also depends very
much on where you are in the country and indeed county.  Some of the
sites in the western half of Northumberland, towards the Scottish
Borders, aren't shown with the most recent photograph's clarity as that
in the east, despite the same overall form as earthwork with earthwork,
cropmark with cropmark.


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Subject: Google Earth

We have noticed that on the latest Google Earth (believed to be about
2005) cropmark sites are showing very well indeed, to the extent that we
have spotted some new sites in Leicestershire, including a Roman villa.
Given that Google are likely to update the imaging from time to time and
that  we may end up with a year like 2007 when the cropmarks disappear,
has any thought been given by HERs to obtaining the current data?    I'm
sure someone is on the case, but thought it worth asking.
Richard Buckley
University of Leicester Archaeological Services

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