I draw to your attention sessions on migmatites and granites and related high-grade metamorphic rocks at the 2008 GAC-MAC meeting in Quebec City and at the 33rd IGC in Oslo
1. Short Course and a Special Session on Migmatites at the GAC-MAC meeting in Quebec City, 24 to 28 May 2008.
Organisers: E.W. Sawyer (U. Quebec at Chicoutimi) and Mike Brown (University of Maryland)
When: 24 and 25th. May 2008, the two days before the conference
The short course will be presented by: Marian Holness, Mike Brown, Bernardo Cesare, Ed. Sawyer, Gary Solar and Richard White.
Organised by: Ed Sawyer and Mike Brown 
This special session will provide a forum for researchers to present their new results from migmatites and crustal melting. Keynote talks will be given by Dr. Roberto Weinberg (Monash U.) and Dr. Karel Schulmann (U. Strasbourg) and invited speakers include Dr. Bernardo Cesare (U. Padova), Dr. Marian Holness (U. Cambridge) and Dr. Richard White (U. Mainz). 
Registration opens 1st. December 2007, and the abstract deadline is 20th. January 2008.
For more information; http://www.quebec2008.net/
2. 33rd IGC Oslo, Norway
Sederholm Symposia on Migmatites and Granites (coordinated by Mike Brown, Olav Eklund and Peter Sorjonen-Ward)
MPN-07 Secular change in metamorphism and crustal melting (conveners: Mike Brown, Tony Kemp)
MPN-08 Microstructural analysis of high-grade metamorphic rocks and implications for fluid and melt flow in the crust (conveners: Ed Sawyer, Marian Holness)
MPN-09 Petrology, geochemistry, isotope geochemistry and geochronology of high grade metamorphic processes and partial melting (conveners: Olav Eklund, Peter Sorjonen-Ward)
MPN-10 Migmatite terranes - the role of partially molten crust in orogenic processes (conveners: Carlo Dietl, Roberto Weinberg, Marco Elter)
MPN-11 From migmatites to plutons: The fate of granitic magmas (convener: Roberto Weinberg)
Deadline for abstract submission and payment of the abstract fee is 1 February 2008 (reduced abstract fee extends to January 1 2008). In order for inclusion of an accepted abstract into the program you must have registered and paid all fees within 31 March 2008.
Associated field excursion: No. 16. 100 years of migmatite – In Sederholm’s footprints
Start/end: Helsinki/Helsinki, Finland. Dates: 16-21 August, 2008
Leaders: Olav Eklund, Markku Väisänen, University of Turku, Finland; Peter Sorjonen-Ward, Pentti Hölttä,Geological Survey of Finland, Finland; Tapani Rämö,Pentti Kurhila, University of Helsinki, Finland; Carl Ehlers, Åbo Akademi University, Åbo
Information about the 33rd IGC in Oslo is available at: http://www.33igc.org


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