Hi Neil

I can't help I'm afraid, but I just wanted to say that we have exactly
the same issue here, so if you get any helpful advice would you mind
passing it on? It would be much appreciated.


Best wishes


Julie Usher


Learning Technology

University of Northampton

Boughton Green Road




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Subject: Allowing subject librarians to access all modules witout


Our Subject librarians want access to all of the modules/courses offered
by their school so that they can help the lecturer with Reading Lists
management but what we dont really want to do is to enrol them on
hundreds of modules/courses.


We tried autoenrol genius from VLEgenius so that they can enrol
themselves on modules temporarily when required but it had the effect of
slowing down access for that user so that Blackboard was totally
unusable. (Has anyone else encountered and fixed this problem?)


Has anyone else managed to set up this kind of access? maybe there is
another tool/building block?


I am not so concerned about limiting access just to the one school - we
tried playing around with creating a system sole for the librarians but
didn't manage to find a setting that would allow them to search for a
module and then get into it.


Any suggestions gratefully received.




Neil Penry
Learning and Teaching Manager
Information Services
Cardiff University
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