Hi Chuck

R2007a works fine for me on my Macbook Pro, but remember to install the most recent update.


Den 07/12/2007 kl. 20.15 skrev Chuck Sanislow:


Our ITS person informs me MATLAB R13SP2/version 6.5.2  - R14SP1/version 7.0.1, and R14SP3/version 7.1 are not available in an MAC OSX Intel version; the earliest version that they can find that will run on MAC OSX Intel starts with R2007a/version 7.4. 

The SPM website cautions against using versions after 7.1 (see below).  Does anyone have any advice or experience with the stability of SPM on version 7.4, particularly on an Intel MAC?


MATLAB 6.5 - MATLAB 7.3: MATLAB is a high level numerical mathematics environment optimised for operations on untyped matrices. It's syntax is close to that of matrix algebra, making the code an effective pseudo-code for the algorithms, and leading to fast development times. SPM5 is most stable under MATLAB 6.5.1, and will not work with earlier versions. Versions after 7.1 were written after the release of SPM5, so we can not predict how well it will run in these, but we try to fix SPM5 for compatibility with later MATLAB versions as soon as we can.