Dear ryan,

it seems that the images you're trying to realign are too much different.
Dont forget that the realign inn spm is just there to correct minimal deviation or rotation of your functionnal images.
If , for example, you're trying to realign images from different subjects that had their head in a totally different position, then
the realign option wont work.


2007/12/20, Ryan Wilson <[log in to unmask]>:
Hello SPMers,

I am relatively new to SPM and I am performing some basic individual and
group analysis on visual perception and memory.  I have a question
regarding some of the early preprocessing:

While attempting to realign a set of images i get the following error:

There is not enough overlap in teh images to obtain a solution.

Offending image: ...XX.img

Please check that your header information is ok.

What would be my next step? Google hasn't produced anything useful...

Thanks in advance.