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JISC invites tender proposals to evaluate the following shared infrastructure services (SIS) projects to determine:
i. whether the areas they address remain of strategic importance to the Information Environment or to the JISC more generally;
ii. whether the approach being used by the projects is the most appropriate to form a service; and 
iii. what the main inhibitors and promoters of use might be. 
The SIS projects under consideration are: 
 GeoCrossWalk is middleware which implements a digital gazetteer service and server designed to make geographic searching transparent by 'crosswalking' different sorts of geographical representations, e.g. turning place names into coordinates; postal areas into place names; coordinates into places etc.
 High-Level Thesaurus Project (HILT), provides mappings between formal vocabularies such as Dewey Decimal Classification and Mesh or LCSH and thus enables searching across systems catalogued with different vocabularies.
 CiteBase provides impact metrics and citation navigation for author self-archived papers deposited in several OAI-compliant repositories. These records can be searched and the results rank-ordered by per-paper or per-author citation or web download impact.
 Information Environment Service Registry (IESR), is a registry of services and collections, including many provided by JISC, which provides information required to locate and use the services and collections covered. This could be used, for instance, to populate a portal with services relevant to particular users.
Becta wishes to specifically co-fund the evaluation of the IESR through this Invitation To Tender and this is described in more detail at paragraphs 13, 14 and 17.
Funding of up to 15,000 (inclusive of VAT and related travel and subsistence) is available for each of the evaluations of GeoCrossWalk, HILT and CiteBase. Funding of up to 50,000 is available for the evaluation of the IESR for the Higher Education sector, and for the Schools and Further Education sector. One bidder may undertake some or all of the evaluations but separate proposals should be submitted demonstrating economies of scale where possible.
The deadline for proposals is 12noon Monday 14 January 2008. The projects are expected to commence in early February 2008 and must be completed by 14 April 2008, with initial recommendations by 1 April 2008. This deadline is essential as a second phase project will be undertaken at this time which will be informed by these projects. The second phase project will support the development of sustainability plans for the above SIS projects where appropriate. It is anticipated that these sustainability plans will be considered by the relevant JISC sub committees in June 2008. The second phase project will be commissioned separately.

Further information including the full version of the ITT can be found here

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