The 10 Downing Street page says: "Information Commissioner Richard Thomas will be given the power to "spot check" departments and examine the quality of compliance."  

"Will", not "has been".  So it seems that its not yet sorted.

If more money and extra resources are needs as GC Weekly suggests, I'd suggest the HMRC gets fined.  In April, the Spanish fined a TV company over €1,000,000 after hackers got hold of information relating to 7000 people.  Extrapolating that to cover 25 million people would be £2½ Billion!

We, the taxpayer will end up paying in the end of course. 


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Dear All,

Extract from GC Weekly:

"The Information Commissioner's Office has now been given the power to make data protection spot checks without having to gain the prior consent of organisations. But more money and extra resources are needed if it is to make the full use of these powers and enforce when necessary."

Have been in touch with the ICO and also checked their Press Releases - nothing.

Everyone seems to know about these powers - but unable to point to any recent documentation?

Anyone able to help out?

Newcastle University

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