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John Briggs wrote:

The authors are archaeologist working for English Heritage, who have made a 
study of a group of parish church towers in Lincolnshire which have 
attracted attention in  the past, because they date either from just before 
or just after the Norman conquest.  (Our authors plump for the late 11th 
century - which was a bit embarrassing, as the fieldwork had been conducted 
for the "Corpus of Anglo-Saxon Stone Sculpture"!).

Had John seen the book - which he clearly has not yet done - he would have 
seen that the Foreword is by Sir David Wilson, Chairman of of British Academy 
Corpus of Anglo-Saxon Stone Sculpture in England and Sandy Heslop, Chairman of 
the British Academy's Corpus of Romanesque Sculpture in Britain and Ireland in 
which they recognise that these towers display features commonly classified as 
Anglo-Saxon but in reality probably belonging to the period that overlaps the 
Conquest. In view of that a different approach seemed appropriate and both 
Committees encouraged the authors to take their material forward to an 
alternative, supplementary, study to be published outside the Corpus of Anglo-Saxon 
Stone Sculpture. The date they plump for is, therefore, not at all embarrassing.

The two Chairmen also recognise that the range of results the two authors 
have produced  could not have been produced within the format and objective of 
either of the Academy's two Corpora. John's comments - and those of Jon Cannon - 
suggest that this is an entirely just assessment.

Gordon Plumb


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