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Of course for those who are employed by UK universities there is also the
cut-throat reality of the dreaded RAE. For those of you unfamiliar with
this modern form of academic torture - the Research Assessment Exercise is
used to rank universities and departments - with large amounts of
government dosh at stake. And in the case of depts that don't make the
grade - their very survival can be at stake. Part of a dept's RAE
submission are the individual research profiles of its academic staff - so
depts can put tremendous pressure on their academics to publish in the
'right' journals, or with the 'right' publishing houses, and at the 'right
time' (ie within the RAE deadlines). Poor stressed out academics across
the UK are as I write filling in the latest RAE forms...


> Absolutely, it is prestige all the way.  And respect.  Internationally.
> And when you can't afford heat, you  burn the offprints, yours & those
> you are sent.
> DW

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