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Today's ODNB Life of the Day is HW Ridgeway's  biography of Henry III 
(1207-1272), king of England and lord of Ireland, and duke of Aquitaine, 
called Henry of Winchester from his birthplace.

There is much of interest here including his devotion to Edward the 
Confessor and other English saints, the rebuilding of Westminster Abbey, 
frequent visits to East Anglian shrines, the ceremonial surrounding the 
receipt of the relic of Christ's blood, relations with the pope, papal 
legates and Louis IX, attitude to the Crusades, taxation of the clergy, etc.

To read this, and other Lives for the Week, follow the links below.

Rosemary Hayes

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In September's online magazine: maestros for the Last night of the Proms; 
faces of Wales, and radio lives from 'Today' to 'Sailing By'

Plus restocked 'Open shelves':


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