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For anyone interested, my booklet "Bedes Byddyng: Medieval Rosaries  
and Paternoster Beads" has been published (finally!) and is available  
at $4.50 per copy at:

"Bedes Bydding" is issue #135 of the 	quarterly _The Compleat  
Anachronist_, listed on page 14.

It's a short introduction to the history of rosary beads (mostly  
Christian ones), along with a look at the social history: what  
materials were used for beads, threads and accessories; numbers and  
significance of beads; how rosaries were made, sold, worn, and used;  
and a few pointers on how to tell whether a string of beads is a  
rosary or not. There is also an appendix with instructions on making  
a rather generic set of medieval-style beads.

It was stressful to write, but satisfying. I hadn't seen it since I  
turned in the manuscript six months ago, and I am now grimacing over  
the usual quota of typos, formatting mistakes and bits of authorial  
disorganization that made it into the printed version. I'll do better  
next time: but I'm happy to have it to offer.

I'd be interested in anyone's comments once you've read it.

O    Chris Laning <[log in to unmask]> - Davis, California
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