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Yes, John, I believe I do have such an option, but it is effectively  
useless; this is because quite a few universities (and other  
businesses and providers) set up all their outgoing messages to  
include things like an address card. To block attachments is to  
delete from our list quite a number of esteemed members, through no  
fault of their own.

This is why it really is important that members never deliberately  
send attachments. The little ones already cause their own problems,  
but the bigger ones are much, much worse ...


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On 18 Oct 2007, at 18:29, John Briggs wrote:

> Could I ask that attachments are NOT sent to the list? Particularly  
> bloated PDF files, but also forwarded e-mails by people who really  
> ought to know better.
> (I believe the listowner has an option to block all messages with  
> attachments.)
> John Briggs

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