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Perhaps I can offer a different perspective on the Edwin Mellen Press ?

Some years ago I considered publishing my own work through them and acquired 
their literature.

IIRC (and I have not kept said paperwork) the advantage they offered was 
that their books never go out of print because they are all kept 
electronically and they only print and bind when an order is received. Thus 
you will never find a batch of EM books remaindered.

The disadvantages from my point of view were several.

They required camera ready copy of the book and also required that it had 
been proof-read (at my expense) before submission.
They also required an in-depth appraisal by a competant scholar in the field 
for which I would also have to pay in advance.
I would also have to clear and pay for any copyright on any illustrations I 
I would also have to pay a professional indexer  and provide them with 
written proof that I had complied with all these conditions.

Actually, it was less the outlay of cash that put me off, rather the feeling 
that they were not offering me any support and were more of a printer than a 
publisher. I just did not know where to begin in complying with these 

It is possible they have now changed their policy or I have mis-remembered. 
I know that the correspondence left me feeling disheartened and exploited. 
Which is why I did not keep the correspondence.

Brenda M C

PS I have ordered the Morigny Chron. by ILL from my local Univ. Library. 
When reading it I will keep in mind the collective strictures. I am 
EXTREMELY GRATEFUL for the useful replies.

It has occurred to me that the Council might have taken place in BOTH 
Etampes AND Morigny since it would have been a large gathering of prelates, 
not all of which could be accommodated in either place. The locations are 
only a mile apart (which I had not appreciated - I should have consulted a 
good atlas.)


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