Try using this program to convert the data.

Choose the folder with the dicom files in the "Add Folder" as the Input folder (or by clicking "Input > Add folder").

Choose Output type as "FSL Nifti" and in the "Options" button, choose "save multivolume series as 4D files" and "save as .nii file"

It will take a upto 5 minutes to convert.


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On 10/7/07, Deepak Madhavan <[log in to unmask] > wrote:
Hello all:

I am a new FDT user, and I have been having trouble with the eddy correction
function. I used MRIcron to convert my GE 3T DTI dicoms into both nifti and
analyze formats, but when I attempt to run eddy correction, it returns the
error message, 'Input does not exist or is not in a supported format'.  ANy
assistance would be greatly appreciated.