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The message below was originally posted to the EFTC list (Therapeutic Communities) and noted the sad death of Dr. Eugenie Cheesmond, founder of the Lifeline Project in England.  However, I am aware that the EFTC list does not have many UK-based members and thought that it would make sense to further post this notice to other predominantly UK-membered lists and a few particular individuals. Please feel free to forward this message to anyone who knew Eugenie or of the work of Lifeline during those early years.


Dear List Members

Many members of this list will be saddened to hear of the death recently of Eugenie Cheesmond, founder of the Lifeline Project in Manchester, England.  The Lifeline Project was an early experiment in using TC methodology in non-residential settings.  She was an unbelievably powerful force at a time when many in the medical profession felt that addiction was simply incurable and were deeply suspicious of the contributions of ex-addicts. Eugenie never wavered in her belief in me and the other ex-users she gathered together when she started Lifeline. It seemed never to occur to her that I might let her down and I hope I didn't. Lifeline is now one of the largest drug treatment facilities in the UK and stands as a lasting tribute to her enthusiasm, belief and determination.

The European Federation of Therapeutic Communities has added a page to its Remembrance page as a celebration of her work:

We would welcome memories of her work in the addiction field from all those who came across her at that time. Contributions can be mailed to me at this address. PLEASE DO NOT SEND YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE LIST.  SEND THEM TO ME DIRECT AT:

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