In the sence that I now do most of my programming on a dual core laptop I
suppose I am using parallel programming. However, I do not write code
designed to exploit parallelism explicitly. I do try to write code such that
a smart compiler could automatically exploit the capability of the dual
processor environment.
I should admit though much of the algorithmic base that I use employs
recurrance relations and so is inherently serial in character.
I would be very unlikely to use co-arrays which as far as I can see would
greatly complicate my coding, even in those areas that could be

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I'm currently updating our Fortran Resource file
and wanted to get a feel for how many people were
involved in parallel programming in Fortran.

the current file can be found at

In that file we identify the following types
of parallel programming

  co-array fortran
  posix threads

So could you take the time to answer the following questions.

 do you do parallel programming?

 if so which method do you use?

 if you currently are doing parallel programming
 would you move to co-arrays if they were

 would you move to another hardware platform and operating
 system to be able to use co-arrays?


Ian Chivers