Further to my last - photos of this can be seen at:,+u.umo_id,+u.attribute1,+u.attribute2,+u.attribute3,+u.umo_id+FROM+umo+u,+umo_attribute+ua1+WHERE+ua1.value='461+Squadron+RAAF'++AND+instr(u.attribute5,'Second+World+War,+1939-1945')>0+and+u.umo_id+=+ua1.umo_id+AND+ua1.attribute_id+IN+(1667)~ps_query_text=Browse+Related+unit:+461+Squadron+RAAF&screen_type=BOTTOM&bvers=4&bplatform=Microsoft%20Internet%20Explorer&bos=Win32

If the above doesn't work, go to and search 
collections for term <Pembroke Dock>

All the best

Adrian James

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Go to the Surface Sites link on the left

and then click on 'Q' decoy site.

Not exactly an optical illusion but something similar.

> Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2007 09:23:57 +0100> From: 
> [log in to unmask]> Subject: [BRITARCH] WW2 Aerial Optical 
> Illusions> To: [log in to unmask]> > /I'm launching some heritage 
> tours of Crewe, and an unsung and unknown > part of its heritage are the 
> marks on the walls of some of the surviving > railway works which 
> functioned as an optical illusion to help guard > against bombing.> > A 
> couple pictures and short write up here> 
>> > Are there any of other examples of 
> this type of WW2 archaeology > surviving anywhere else? I'd like to 
> establish just how unique and > important a feature this is.> > Many 
> thanks> > Tim> /> > -- > > LAUNCHING OCTOBER 29th 2007> > "Ghosts and 
> Grave Happenings... a tour of the Creepy Side of Crewe"> A ghost walk 
> covering the town's Hauntings, Heritage & History> - - 
> -> > PO Box 448 CREWE CW1 9DF> > Crewe Townscape 
> Tour, and more, launched in 2008
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