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Internet Archaeology is very pleased to announce the publication in issue 22
of Mesolithic Archaeology: a themed issue.

This series of articles came from the Gathering our Thoughts postgraduate
conference at the Department of Archaeology, University of York in October
2006 and now presented in Internet Archaeology, take a lively 'punchy'
approach to current issues in the Mesolithic. 

Table of Contents
Diet in Mesolithic Europe: New evidence from dental microwear 
T. Rowan McLaughlin

Where are we going? Movement and Mobility in Mesolithic Research 
Thomas Kador

In Sight of Doggerland: From speculative survey to landscape exploration
(including 3D visualisation)
Simon Fitch, Vince Gaffney and Ken Thomson

Cultural Landscapes and Neolithisation Processes: Outline of a model for the
Scheldt basin (Belgium) 
Erick N. Robinson

Cockle Conversations: An investigation of the cockle collection practices at
two Danish kitchen midden sites 
Eva Laurie

Media for Movement and Making the World: Exploring Materials and Identity in
the Mesolithic of the Northern Irish Sea Basin (including panorama)
Hannah Cobb


Judith Winters
Editor, Internet Archaeology