Thank God I am not the only one getting emails advertising viagra, I was 
starting to wonder who had been talking..  :-)

There does seem to be an increase in spam of late, I get dozens of Ebay and 
bogus bank scams as well.


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Sent: Wednesday, September 12, 2007 5:53 AM
Subject: Re: [BRITARCH] Junk Mail

> Not an increase, but a steady trickle of  two versions advertising 
> cut-price Adobe products, and one for viagra.
> The graphics are so spotty that the adverts should be for acne.
> Andrew.
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>> Hello List,
>> I am wondering if other list members are seeing an increase in junk mail 
>> lately.
>> We may have a leak whereby our addresses are being circulated to junk 
>> e-mailers.
>> Since this and one other discussion list are the only places where I use
>> this address, it seems that we may have been infiltrated by email spies 
>> who
>> gather and provide email addresses to junk mailers.
>> Years ago Mike Heyworth wisely discontinued the availability of the 
>> complete
>> Britarch membership list, so the only addresses available to any spies 
>> will
>> be the addresses that we make available ourselves by posting to the list.
>> I am hoping to hear that others are not receiving increased amounts of 
>> junk
>> mail, and that my problem has some other cause, in which case changing my
>> address should correct the problem.
>> Thanks,
>> Orion