you talk of trans-disciplinary.  interesting, but what exactly does it mean?
normally trans means "through" as in transmission. but it can also mean
transcending disciplines.  can you make your paper available?
we have also meta-disciplinary -- work that is logically above disciplines
multi-disciplinary -- involving several disciplines working together on a
problem that no single discipline can handle on its own
inter-disciplinary -- working on a problem that lies between disciplines, in
no man's land, so to speak

i wished we would be clearer


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Dear Jurgen and list,
True, there isn't much written on Transdisciplinarity in general, and even
much less on Transdisciplinarity and Design. 

Just pointing to you a forthcoming chapter I submitted for a collective
publication, "Design Studies in a Transdisciplinary Perspcetive",  co-edited
by Prof. Basarab Nicolescu (Paris) and Prof. Alfonso Montuori (Los Angeles),
to be soon published by Hampton Press.

Professor Nicolescu is the Chairman Founder of the CIRET (Centre
international de recherches et d'études transdisciplinaires), a
multi-lingual gathering of 21st intellectual explorers, exchanging from the
five continents views and suggestions on how to better steer the planet
through present troubled waters... For sure, Professor Nicolescu, a CNRS
Researcher in Quantum Physics, will be very pleased to see many designers
join the Centre and contribute to explore further the transdisciplinary
aspects of design and designing.