Dear all,

Later this month, I shall be updating the External Examiners Database.
I have a small collection of additions/deletions/changes to do already,
and I will also go through removing appointments that have reached their
completion date.  I should be grateful if you could let me know of any
new appointments since the last update, since clearly the database has
more value to the HE Music community the more complete it is!

***Important note***
Please send your information directly to me at [log in to unmask] and
NOT as a reply to this message (which will go to everybody on the list).

The information needed is simply:

1. Your institution
2. The institution(s) for which you are external 
3. The programme(s) on which you examine, and 
4. When your appointment as external will finish 
5. Simply state that you are not currently engaged  

You can view the current listing here:

Please pass this message on to any colleagues who might be interested,
but who may not be on the list.

Many thanks, and best wishes for a peaceful and/or productive summer, 


Dr Liz Garnett
Head of Postgraduate Studies
UCE Birmingham Conservatoire
direct line: 0121 331 6907