History of Science  
Job/Fellowship at the Institute of Tropical Research (IICT), Lisbon, Portugal
Job/Fellowship Reference: C2007-IICT/PAT-299-B-History of Science 

Job description
Beyond the need and urgency of implementing standards on Archival and Collections organization, the selected applicant’s main contribution will be the use of IICT scientific heritage to plan research on the history of tropical science and develop selected case-studies. 

Conditions of employment
Basic gross salary equivalent to the index 195 of Portuguese research career (c.3000€) plus meal subsidy (c. 4€ day) 
Employment basis: Temporary
Duration of contract: 5 years maximum
Maximum hours per week: 35

For details and contacts, please go to - C2007-IICT/PAT-299-B-History of Science:

IICT - Instituto de Investigação Científica Tropical
Rua da Junqueira, n.º 86 1º
1300-344 Lisboa