> I  have a strange problem with the project I am currently working on. I
> use to press save quite a lot, and if I have done something stupid and
> irreversible I usually close the project without saving it as an "undo"
> button doesn't exist,

Hi Baerbel,

I could easily provide a button, but getting it to do the right thing is
the problem. ;-) Undo is still really tricky as far as the data model
goes, and is perhaps only realistic if/when have database storage for

> "/usr/local/ccpnmr/ccpnmr1.0/python/ccpnmr/analysis/"
> , line 728, in doUnregisters
>     self.unegisterNotify(self.updateWindowListsAfter,
> 'ccpnmr.Analysis.SpectrumW indow', func)
>   File
> "/usr/local/ccpnmr/temporaryReleaseDir/ccpnmr/ccpnmr1.0/python/memops/gui
> /", line 393, in __getattr__
> AttributeError: EditPeakListPopup instance has no attribute
> 'unegisterNotify'
> Exception in Tkinter callback

This bug, which was holding up the quitting of Analysis, was fixed a while
back. So try updating Analysis and everything should be OK.


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