Sarah, Patrick and all,

about the China Tracy Pavilion: I've not seen the RL installation, but
the one in SL seems nothing special: an aerial architecture where you
can relax and chat with other avatars. The press release (see below)
describes it as a "platform for dialogue and exchange open to everyone":
bat that's not a description of the web, or of SL as a whole? From the
author of Cosplayers I was expecting something more...

On the solid ground, there is a huge architecture full of water,
gondolas, chairs and balloons where you can sit down. And, obviously,
there are San Marco's lions everywhere. In the end, it's just another
big corporation colonizing Second Life...

> would you see these 'synthetic performances' as they call them (or 
> reiterations as you call them?) as 'native works'? in just a technical 
> or also theoretical sense? what about reiterations of 
> exhibitions/events? 

They are native - I think - because they question the space and the body
in a place where these words have a completely different meaning. What
does it mean shooting someone, having sex, touch someone's boobs or
masturbating in a place where your body - your sacred body - is made of
pixels? What does it means to fill up the SL environment of 7.000 oacks?
It's ecology (as in Beuys), pollution or viral marketing?

But I let the answer to Patrick, he will definitely answer better than
me ;-)



Venice Biennale 2007 National Participation:
An on Line & off Line Art Project: CHINA TRACY PAVILION
China Pavilion, 52nd Venice Biennale 2007
Inc SL & RL Exhibition, SL Video and Research.
The Concept of China Pavilion: EVERYDAY MIRACLES
Commissioner: China Arts & Entertainment Group.
Curator: Hou Hanru (U.S.)
SL Artist: CHINA TRACY (AKA RL: Cao Fei)
CHINA TRACY (AKA RL: Cao Fei) is one of the four woman artists (Shen
Yuan, Yin Xiuzhen, Kan Xuan) participated in the China Pavilion, 52nd
Venice Biennale 2007

===1. TIME====
Exhibition Last for 6 Months:10 June - 21 November 2007
Press Conference and Opening Party:  6 June
6-9 June: Private view for Press
10 June – 21 November: For Public

===2. VENUE====
The Real Life China Tracy Pavilion: Virgin Gardens, Arsenale, Venice
The Second Life China Tracy Pavilion: China Tracy Pavilion, Parioli
(181, 201, 64)
The Second Life Exhibition Space: Parioli Museum. Parioli Roma Italy,
Parioli (225, 217, 40)

June 7th afternoon 2pm,  Parioli Museum, Second Life.
Landmark: Parioli Roma Italy, Parioli (225, 217, 40)
Sponsor : Virtual Italian Parks

About China Tracy Pavilion
(China Tracy’s Blog:

China Tracy (AKA RL: Cao Fei), born in Guangdong, China in 1978, is the
youngest but the most versatile in the group. Working with video,
photography, performance, experimental theatre, documentary and
fictional films, writing and other media, she vividly express the
intense experiences of a young generation of Chinese urban youth
navigating the wave of modernisation, urbanisation and globalisation.
With an incredibly fresh but vigilant sense of humour, she examines and
makes visible the very realities and dreams of this generation in
various contexts from work to play, from suffering to happiness. Today,
she garners a great deal of admiration from the international
professionals in the art world. She has been presented in Venice
Biennale 2003, 2nd Guangzhou Triennial and Sydney Biennale 2006.

Thousands of youngsters are deeply addicted to the virtual world created
on the internet. The immensely popular online game “Second Life” (
HYPERLINK "" provides them
with a “3-D virtual world entirely built and owned by its residents”. It
offers “a truly collaborative, immersive and open-ended entertainment
experience, where together people create and inhabit a virtual world of
their own design.” In this new world, all people are the nation’s
“inhabitants”, there are no “countries” or “regions”, but only a digital
world generated by imagination and creativity. Naming her avatar China
Tracy, Cao Fei is building up an on-line project for the Chinese
Pavilion to carry out an adventure into this virtual world that is
exerting crucial influence on our perception of the real and thus
considerably modifying our social relationships. Creating a China Tracy
Pavilion on the Second Life, Cao Fei will construct a platform for
dialogue and exchange open to everyone. Venturing into this imminent
future, this project will definitely bring the Chinese Pavilion itself
to a much more global perspective.


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