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This is a targeted approach to help selected Museums, Libraries and Archives to develop their relationships with the corporate sector. It is bespoke, ie. designed to meet to the specific, identified, business development needs of the individual museum, library or archive. 

This is a coaching relationship between Arts and Business South East (A&B SE) and the identified MLAs.  A&B SE will work alongside the museums, libraries and archives to identify, target and approach businesses with a view to soliciting sponsorship, its staff involvement and/or an art @work event. This is not A&B doing the work for the MLAs - rather its aim is to transfer skills. This is so that when the coaching comes to an end, the MLAs retain the skills to pursue and develop such relationships with business without our hand holding.  A&B SE have produced a business development menu of topics that the MLAs might want help with, as a start and basis for our consultation with them. These are suggestions and ones that A&B SE can readily deliver. The menu also makes room for a topic that A&B SE are not aware of but will endeavour to facilitate, resources permitting. 

The Objectives
1.	For the museum, library or archive to be skilled in their approach to business regarding sponsorship.

2.	For the museum, library or archive to develop a business approach to its development. Facilitated through a transfer of skills.
	Strategic planning.
	Skills transfer.

3. The Proposal
	A&B SE works with the organisation individually as coach & consultant.
	A&B SE delivers or facilitates 6 business development sessions. 
	The Organisation chooses from the menu at Appendix 1.
	The 6 sessions are then spread between July and November 2007.
	Participation in Evaluation December 2007
	Homework between sessions. 
	As participants secure business sponsorship, they will be advised on the potential for further cash investment from the A&B Investment Programme

4. Interested?
Please write a short paragraph which states your interest and outline how this will help your organisation and meet current business planning priorities. This should be emailed to [log in to unmask] no later than the 15th June 2007.