Dear all,

This is a reminder that the consultation period of the above will close on Friday 22 June.
We are seeking your professional views and endorsement of the MLA Partnership’s draft National Tariff for Archives in England, which aims to help local authorities secure developer contributions for archives services as a result of new housing growth. 

The tariff, along with that being developed for libraries, will form part of the Partnership’s contribution to a cultural tariff being developed by the national cultural agencies with funding from the Treasury. It is also complemented by work which the Partnership’s Regional Agencies have been doing to ensure that the needs of archives and libraries are reflected in the implementation plans of their respective Regional Agencies Regional Spatial Strategies.

The tariff was first developed in the course of the last year by MLA South East in conjunction with Martin Elson, Emeritus Professor of Planning at Oxford Brookes University and has now been extended with the aim of national applicability. The tariff employs a formula-based approach which has the advantage of conforming to the preferred means under which the planning frameworks operate and, therefore, is more likely to be adopted. As you will see the formula is based on up-to-date costs from new or planned archive buildings in England, Wales and Scotland. This is an important means of rendering the tariff more defendable with planners.

Comments on the tariff should be sent by email to [log in to unmask] The document is available to download from,1606,2,1610

Once the consultation phase is complete, the Partnership will be revising, launching and marketing the tariff both nationally and regional, supporting its adoption by authorities and monitoring its progress.

Katie Norgrove
MLA South East