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    Volume 41, Issue 2,  Pages 67-138 (March 2007)
  1. Alcohol-induced suppression of gluconeogenesis is greater in ethanol fed female rat hepatocytes than males
Pages 67-75
Ken D. Sumida, Alma A. Cogger and Aleksey V. Matveyenko
  2. Effect of chronic ethanol consumption on endothelin-1 generation and conversion of exogenous big-endothelin-1 by the rat carotid artery
Pages 77-85
Carlos R. Tirapelli, Débora A. Casolari, Alvaro Yogi, Rita C. Tostes, Eurode Legros, Vera L. Lanchote, Sérgio A. Uyemura and Ana M. de Oliveira
  3. Effect of chronic ethanol administration on disposition of ethanol and its metabolites in rat
Pages 87-93
Shuji Kozawa, Nobuhiro Yukawa, Jinyao Liu, Akiko Shimamoto, Eiji Kakizaki and Tatsuya Fujimiya
  4. Functional gene expression differences between inbred alcohol-preferring and –non-preferring rats in five brain regions
Pages 95-132
Mark W. Kimpel, Wendy N. Strother, Jeanette N. McClintick, Lucinda G. Carr, Tiebing Liang, Howard J. Edenberg and William J. McBride

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