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Hi Emma,


I personally see this as engagement in product development, and I think it quite OK to gauge service providers’ (i.e. public libraries) opinion on the way to develop services that they may be asked to use.


Our stock policy for eletronic stock is such that we favour web-based platforms as the preferred delivery mechanism (i.e. standard non-propriatory HTML).  We also favour those with licence and remote access.  For use in libraries, we prefer IP mapping, and prefer to treat the network as the location, not individual physical libraries.


I would therefore suggest that you do not go down the PDF line.  It is not standard html, and still has some potential accessibility issues, that do not affect good html. On that note, I would take advice on being at least AA compliant against Web accessibility standards (WCAG) for any new web service, as we as local authorities are supposed to deliver web pages to that standard.


I should add that as you might have guessed I am involved in technical assessment, but stock content suitability is not my thing.


Andrew Lewis

e-Services Officer

Library and Information Services

Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead

01628  796 592

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Dear members I have been following the discussion on commercial postings and I therefore apologise if this is seen as a commercial posting! I have been involved with Libraries for many years as a Director of Macmillan Reference (I was the annoying one trying to sell the Dictionary of Art!) but it is some time since I looked at digital usage in public libraries/ e-books. I am now involved with a news Current Affairs series, Pocket Issue ( and would like to find out more about digital usage. I am based in West London and would be very grateful if there is a local member who would be able to spare a few minutes to discuss or reply to this posting? My questions are: 1. The books are aimed at the general reader and we are thinking of producing a PDF or digital online version as well as an audio version. Is this something that Public libraries are planning to offer access to? 2. If yes, are they planning to digitise and offer access over the internet for registered users? 3. Are there ay examples of these schemes in place, with adequate authorisation and copyright control? I can be contacted on [log in to unmask] or t.020 8741 7641. Many thanks indeed for your help. Emma Hardcastle


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