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Subject: Information Society Newsroom Update - 29/05/2007

              Europe's Information Society
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Nine editors-in-chief discuss the future of the written press with
Commission (29 May 2007)How to improve the role of the written press in
boosting public perceptions of Europe? How do editors-in-chief receive
the Commission's recent media pluralism initiative? What is the impact
of Web 2.0 features such as user-generated content and enhanced
cross-media competition? These were the topics for debate at a
high-level meeting in Brussels on 29 May 2007 between Media Commissioner
Viviane Reding and the written press.

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International IT security conference "Innovation and 
4 June 2007 - 5 June 2007  Berlin, GermanyThis event is hosted by the
German Federal Ministry of the Interior under Germany's EU Council
Presidency. In six tracks, the conference will look into
responsibilities for the protection of data, information and IT
infrastructures, taking into account rapid technological developments
and increasing threats. ENISA has been asked by the European Commission
to deliver a feasibility study on a Europe-wide sharing system for
Network and Information Security related information to
end-users/citizens and SMEs, to raise IT security awareness and close
gaps in the coverage with such information. The final report on the
EISAS (European Information Sharing and Alert System) will be presented
and discussed at this event.					

FAQ on ENISA and EISAS - European Information Sharing and Alert System:

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