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Subject: Berkman Center Internet & Society Conference 2007 - June 1,
2007 - Register Now!

University: Knowledge Beyond Authority
The Berkman Center's Internet & Society Conference 2007 June 1, 2007
Ames Courtroom, Harvard University Campus Cambridge, MA 

Through working groups and discussion, Internet & Society Conference is
positioned to generate questions, insight and solutions from diverse
perspectives across the University with a focus on the role of
University as an institution. We seek to establish University as a
collective force much like 'Government' or 'Private Enterprise' in its
ability to negotiate and compromise for our needs in the digital

We will ask how University should relate to the world of intellectual
property with respect to what we use and what we produce, and how
interconnected the "library" of University should be. We will consider
how the corporate worlds of search and content might thrive by
supporting networked Universities. We will collaboratively take on the
quest for new forms of compatible efficiency to unleash the generative
force of universities in the Net. Working groups include 'University
Agenda for Fair Use,' 'University and the RIAA,' and 'Alternative
University Models for Scholarly Publications.' 

Registration is open to all. Please join us in declaring University in

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