Some of you may have noticed that there are a few chapters missing in
terms of the LaTeX files in the man directory of SPM5.  If you want to
re-create these chapters, then change your working directory in MATLAB
to the man directory, and type:

This will collect all the online documentation into LaTeX files, which
can then be built into a manual.  This may be useful for anyone who
wishes to develop toolboxes using the new user interface of SPM5.

Best regards,

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Dear Joe,

It would be quite straightforward to make postscript or pdf out of 
those, using latex or pdflatex, respectively.

Any self-respecting linux distribution should have both these programs, 
and for Windows, the combination of miktex and an editor like 
texniccenter should work. Installation should pretty much be 
next->next->finish, but be reminded to install miktex first. No idea 
about Mac, but OS X should be linux-like enough to have latex and 
pdflatex as well?

Hope that gets you further...

Alle Meije

Joseph Dien wrote:
> Hi,
>    does anybody have the SPM-EEG manual files in something other than 
> TEX format?  I don't have anything that can read it and it appears to
> quite difficult to install such a program on my computer.  I've been 
> searching through a maze of undocumented and/or unsupported programs
> far for processing Latex files (on OS X).
> Cheers!
> Joe