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Records and Archives In the News is a compilation of news stories 
related to records and archives management.

Belleville News-Democrat, Sun, 01 Apr 2007 1:14 AM PDT
Sleuthing librarians
Move over, Jessica Fletcher. Librarians at Madison County Historical 
Museum and Archival Library in Edwardsville do just as much sleuthing 
as the amateur detective in "Murder, She Wrote."

Grains of truth: Wheat Board among agencies bracing for info requests - Hamilton,Ontario,Canada
Under the access law, Canadians who pay $5 can ask for government files 
ranging from audits and expense records to briefing papers and 

Maine's history and artifacts should not be relegated to second ...
Kennebec Journal - Augusta,ME,USA
Again, by way of illustration, many records and documents stored at the 
State Library, Museum, and Archives hold vital information. ... 

Who's guarding your data in the cybervault?
USA Today - USA
It also exited the highly profitable business of selling Social 
Security numbers, birth dates and driver's license numbers to private 
detectives, ...

Failure to timely assert attorney-client privilege after a search 
warrant may constitute waiver

New York Times
ARTS / ARTS SPECIAL   | March 28, 2007
One Picture, 1,000 Tags
Museums are encouraging the public to annotate their online collections 
by supplying descriptive tags, creating a new shared vocabulary.

Daily Telegraph, Fri, 30 Mar 2007 1:08 PM PDT
Paper-chase around Britain
Snippets of mass-produced wallpaper evoke memories more effectively 
than perhaps any other museum exhibit, says Sophie Campbell.

The Globe Gazette, Sat, 31 Mar 2007 10:10 PM PDT
North Iowa's Signature Collection
For a link to a slideshow of autographs from the MacNider collection at 
the Mason City Public Library, please click here.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Sun, 01 Apr 2007 11:46 PM PDT
College yearbooks are so old-school
In a glass-walled room of the St. Louis University library where pens 
are not allowed to be used, assistant university archivist Randy 
McGuire flips through one of the few surviving copies of the first 
issue of the student
yearbook, The Archive.

York Daily Record, Mon, 02 Apr 2007 3:23 AM PDT
Records give way to hidden history
Official: Pennsylvania State Archives has thousands of records 
revealing pieces of York County history. Apr 2, 2007 ? David Hively has 
had success in researching his family tree.

Mother Jones
The Emails the White House Doesn't Want You to See
The U.S Attorney firings provide more evidence of the Bush 
administration avoiding its own email system (and accountability, 
posterity, prosecution).

'Persistent' Bakken has nurtured a strong foundation for good
Muncie Star Press - Muncie,IN,USA
... Jackie, to become an archivist at Cornell University. From there he 
entered the private sector, becoming administrator of archives for 
Anheuser-Busch ...

Executive Q&A: IBM's Paul Brown
Computer Business Review - UK
Availability protects against accidental or intentional removal of 
data, the electronic equivalent of illegally shredding documents. ...

Steps you can take to protect your privacy on the Web
Detroit Free Press - Detroit,MI,USA
There are also commercial programs like Evidence Neutralizer 
( that will do this for you, electronically 
shredding little ...

Rights of Passage
Bank Technology News - USA
... shredding and expiration capabilities to meet regulatory compliance 
and corporate business rules on document retention. Files and e-mails 
that otherwise 

Texas AG sues RadioShack - Charlotte,NC,USA
Schmidt added that the store in Portland is part of a shredding program 
the company has in place for the secure disposal and destruction of 

Canada: The Duties Of Departing Employees: Are They On The Move?
Mondaq News Alerts (subcription) - London,UK
Clearly, an employee has duties to a present employer not to divulge 
trade secrets or to work against the interests of his or her employer 
but the duty is ...

Another Pants Check
Investor&#39;s Business Daily (subscription) - USA
He later admitted to stuffing his clothes with classified documents and 
leaving the building with them. He also admitted he destroyed a 
document that was ...

Uncle Sam's Secrets - Wahington,DC,USA
In 2000, the FBI provided 1284 unaltered documents in response to FOIA 
requests. In 2006, only 56 such documents were released. 

Iron Mountain storage and archiving for email - good combination
IT Directors - USA
Iron Mountain Incorporated recently introduced its Active Archiving 
Service for Email, a comprehensive solution for managing email storage, 
retention, ...

Google becomes the first to limit retention of full search data
IBLS INTERNET LAW (subscription) - Irvine,CA,USA
The company also wants to abide to data retention requirements. In 
Europe, these requirements limit retention to periods of not less than 
six months and not ...

Eat It, New Yorker! Harper's Puts 157-Year Archive Online - New York,NY,USA
The archive, available free to the magazine's subscribers, includes a 
quarter-million scanned pages available as PDFs from the magazine, 
starting with ...

Big increase in users of new archive study centre
Blyth Wansbeck Today - Whitley Bay,England,UK
HISTORY hunters have kept staff busy after the opening of a 21st 
century archives centre in Northumberland. Archives experts from 
Northumberland County ...

Redaction of Social Security numbers not mandatory
Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press - Arlington,VA,USA
A new Texas law clarifies that government officials are not liable for 
the release of Social Security numbers in public documents. ... 

County clerks not responsible for the release of social security ...
State lawmakers ruled county clerks aren't responsible for the release 
of social security numbers on public documents. ... 

Texas Gov. signs law that exempts clerks from privacy laws
Computerworld - Framingham,MA,USA
Perry's approval put an end -- at least temporarily -- to a controversy 
involving the distribution of public documents containing personal 
data, ...

Historical society's vault houses Ridgefield's past
Danbury News Times - Danbury,CT,USA
Gary Singer, president of Ridgefield Historical Society, and Kay Ables, 
town historian, review some of the archives in the vault at the 
historical society’s 

American Indian deeds on new Web site
Gloucester Daily Times - Gloucester,MA,USA
Consequently, when the Registry of Deeds began updating its documents 
about five years ago, they were startled to find a succession of 
long-forgotten deeds, ...

Librarian gets 11 months' jail for book theft - Wellington,New Zealand
... New Zealand-Pacific librarian, was able to remove the books out of 
a secure part of the library and then delete them from the library's 
records. <>

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