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Records and Archives In the News is a compilation of news stories 
related to records and archives management.

Raiders of the Lost Codex: Scholars Piece Together Ancient Bible
Parts of the 1,600-year-old Codex Sinaiticus -- which includes the 
world's earliest complete New Testament -- are scattered between 
Leipzig, London and St. Petersburg. Now researchers want to digitize 
the fragments and publish the whole volume on the Internet. But does 
the priceless manuscript really belong to St. Catherine's Monastery in 

Rare historic films to be made available online
Kent News - Kent,UK
“MovieBase makes our audio-visual material available over the 
internet,” said archivist Stephen Dixon who researched the material. ...

No form needed for records requests
Knoxville News Sentinel (subscription) - Knoxville,TN,USA
LOUDON - A chancellor has agreed that an activist seeking Loudon County 
public records access doesn't have to fill out a form to get a look at 
them. ...

Dallas Morning News
Time to cut out an old journalism habit
06:10 AM CDT on Friday, April 27, 2007 I made a momentous decision the 
other day. I have ceased to clip.
This has nothing to do with lawns or nose hairs or whatever else you 
might be thinking. This is about journalism. And it feels like closing 
a door on the past.
As of a few days ago, I have given up the little task of clipping my 
columns from the newspaper and filing them away. I suppose that amounts 
to a last-gasp admission that this business has changed forever.

Intel Has Plan to Restore Lost Documents
Forbes - NY,USA
Filed in 2005, the case accuses Intel of misusing its market power in 
semiconductor chip manufacture to keep a lid on competition from AMD. 

Access denied
Orange County Register - Costa Mesa,CA,USA
I stumbled onto this loophole when I filed a records request with Gov. 
Arnold Schwarzenegger's office last month. Among other things, I asked 
for all other ...

3. Data retention and increased surveillance in Germany
Wired News - USA
The German government has approved the draft legislation that 
implements the data retention directive, but the political opposition 
and the growing 

Dr. admits dumping medical files
Journal-Advocate - Sterling,CO,USA
... chiropractors to destroy records “in a manner that totally 
obliterates all information contained in the record, such as by 
incinerating or shredding.” ...

Breaking rules, leaking data
Pioneer Press - St. Paul,MN,USA
... cause of data breaches in the latter half of 2006 was theft or loss 
of a computer or data-storage devices like a flash storage drive or a 
back-up disc. ...<>

» Police lose track of 1500 open records requests « - USA
WASHINGTON (Map, News) - The District of Columbia police department 
allowed more than 1500 open records requests to “slip through the 
cracks” — an ...

Online slavery archive launched
BBC News - UK
An online archive providing details of nearly 100000 slaves owned by 
British colonists in Barbados during the early 19th Century has been 
launched. ...<>

Students help archive pieces of Palmer's heritage
Anchorage Daily News (subscription) - Anchorage,AK,USA
... colony-era Homemaker's Association meeting minutes, newspaper 
articles and other documents, and saving them to archive-quality 
digital computer disks. 

Major LGBT Rights Archive Left To NY Public Library - USA
by Newscenter Staff. (New York City) What is described as 
one of the largest collections chronicling the history of the LGBT 
civil rights ...<>

Gittings Archive Acquired by New York Public Library
Library Journal - New York,NY,USA
A major archive of letters, photos, handbills, manuscripts, 
publications and other materials regarding gay and lesbian rights has 
been donated to the New 

Registry offers history of Plymouth County through display of land ...
Norwell Mariner - Marshfield,MA,USA
This is the Registry of Deeds. The building is new, but some of the 
documents are nearly 400 years old. These books, thousands of them, 
contain every real 

Heritage Center is a great vision
The Olympian - Olympia,WA,USA
"This building will be a center for the priceless, historical treasures 
of the State Archives, the State Library and the State Capital Museum's 
exhibits," ...<>

UCLA Library Receives National Endowment for the Humanities Grant ...
UC Los Angeles - Los Angeles,CA,USA
These records will form the basis for traditional catalog records and 
archival finding aids; more importantly, they will facilitate the 
sharing of data and 

Ancestry Archives Put Slave Records Online - Lake Oswego,OR,USA
The registers are currently kept at The National Archives, and contain 
over 180000 pages of names.'s current offering centers 
on the 1834 ...<>

Historic move for local archives
Wiltshire Times - Wiltshire,UK
The electoral registers from Wiltshire and Swindon will be the first 
archives to be transferred to their new home in Cocklebury Road, 
Chippenham on Tuesday. ...

The Ann Arbor News, Fri, 27 Apr 2007 11:58 PM PDT
Archivist Robert Warner dies at 79
Robert Warner deftly navigated the political waters in Washington, 
using charm and his wife's chicken salad to help the National Archives 
better tell the country's story, scholars say.

Baltimore Sun, Sat, 28 Apr 2007 0:24 AM PDT
Lee's last letter makes a return to Lexington,0,1085541.column?track=rss
Frayda Salkin, McDonogh School archivist, took a ride down Interstate 
81 this past Monday with Gen. Robert E. Lee to Washington and Lee 
University in Lexington, Va.

The Frederick News-Post, Fri, 27 Apr 2007 11:08 PM PDT
Faces from the past Family hopes photo will unlock history's mystery
FREDERICK -- What started as a cleaning spree has launched one 
Frederick County family on a search for missing history. Michelle 
Warren-Parsons went to North Carolina last summer to help her father 
pack before he moved into a smaller house.

Muscatine Journal, Fri, 27 Apr 2007 10:14 PM PDT
Grossheim's work well known; not so of his personal life
MUSCATINE, Iowa ? If a photograph is worth a thousand words, the more 
than 55,000 images captured by Oscar Grossheim speak volumes about the 
Muscatine native.

Muscatine Journal, Fri, 27 Apr 2007 10:14 PM PDT
Digitizing a legacy: Priceless Grossheim photo collection going online
MUSCATINE, Iowa ? Stories told to him hadn?t prepared Mike Bendle for 
what he found inside a rooftop storage shed in the late 1970s. ?When I 
went in there, it was like the place hadn?t been opened in 40 years,? 
Bendle said.

New York Times, Thu, 26 Apr 2007 7:38 PM PDT
George Washington Letter Found in Scrapbook
A letter written by George Washington in 1787 was discovered among the 
private papers of a prominent New Jersey family.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Thu, 26 Apr 2007 9:12 PM PDT
A tiny player's big play shows the corporate PC backup market being 
shaken up

Robert Warner, 79; Led National Archives
Washington Post - Washington,DC,USA
As the sixth archivist of the United States, Dr. Warner oversaw the 
cloistered stacks where Alex Haley and countless amateur genealogists 
discovered their ...

Evangel archivist inspires her own page in history - Springfield,MO,USA
Chase said she will also volunteer eight hours a week at the Evangel 
archives. "Local historians are not allowed to just walk away," Chase 
said. ...

Pioneer Press, Sat, 28 Apr 2007 10:13 PM PDT
Archivists agog at Communist Party cache
NEW YORK - Crammed with Lenin buttons, dusty memos from the McCarthy 
period and crumbling pages of internal briefings dating back a century, 
the 2,000 cardboard boxes handed over to New York University last month 
hold secrets about the Communist Party USA that make archivist Peter 
Filardo's heart flutter.

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, Sun, 29 Apr 2007 2:05 AM PDT
Man's passion for Ukraine fuels project
Anyone is interested in the history of Rochester's Ukrainian community 
stands to benefit from Wolodymyr "Mirko" Pylyshenko's passion

Lawrence Journal-World, Sun, 29 Apr 2007 0:09 AM PDT
Exotic collections draw scholars worldwide
If you?re looking for a Marvel Comics edition of ?The Pilgrim?s 
Progress? or an original copy of The Black Panther newspaper, Kansas 
University?s library system is your place.

Wall St Journal
Retailers Whose Slips Show
Too Much Attract Lawsuits
Credit Receipts From Rite Aid, Wendy's, Fedex
Draw Fire for Containing Certain Consumer Data

Caterpillar says employee data stolen - Germany
He said one laptop computer was stolen earlier this month, but didn't 
say where the theft took place or identify the consultant. 

Baltimore County laptop stolen with personal info of 6000—
WMDT - Salisbury,MD,USA
Baltimore County officials say a laptop containing the personal 
information of about 6-thousand people was stolen from a Baltimore 
County health center. 

Include E-Mail In Public Records
Wheeling Intelligencer - Wheeling,WV,USA
There have been reports of some situations in which such e-mailed 
public records were sought from government officials — who couldn’t 
provide them because 

Public records case centers on e-mails
Marietta Times - Marietta,OH,USA
Ohio law doesn’t allow for executive sessions to discuss public records 
requests. They cited their reason for going into executive session as 
“to discuss 

Intel claims no important evidence lost in AMD antitrust case - USA
In addition, Intel had duplicate layers of preservation, so materials 
not found in one level may be located in another. Also, AMD would 
eventually receive ...

Intel filing details errors resulting in lost e-mails
San Jose Mercury News - San Jose,CA,USA
Eva Almirantearena, the Intel counsel responsible for document 
retention, for eight months did not notify 378 employees that they were 
on the list of ...<>

Ary files appeal
Hutchinson News - Hutchinson,KS,USA
The appeal also states the court erred in admitting into evidence the 
Cosmosphere's computer and paper inventory records, because they were 
hearsay evidence 

McGill students' records made public on the web
CBC News - Canada
"We removed the files, corrected the breach and we are moving forward. 
We'll take precautions to ensure that analogous problems do not occur 
again." ...

Charge of state project disputed
The Olympian - Olympia,WA,USA
The Heritage Center will hold museum space and the State Library, and 
the office building will hold staff for the Office of Insurance 
Commissioner and the 

Electronic, or paper, it’s all viewed as a document
Marietta Times - Marietta,OH,USA
But the document does not specifically address the retention issue for 
e-mail records. The city of Belpre has no e-mail policy at all. ... 

War archives website boasts attracts global interest
ABC Online - Australia
The National Archives scanned millions of pages of official records to 
create online access to the military records of all Australians who 
served in WWI. 

Early defence of gay rights discovered on dusty parchment
Times Online - UK
... indicting the printer of Thomas Cannon’s 1749 book, Ancient And 
Modern Pederasty Investigated And Exemplified, was found at the 
National Archive in Kew. ...

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