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Hi Mandy,

If the frame is not particularly important to the collection, it is
more practical to remove and discard it. If the frame is important to
the collection, you will have to make sure that it is conservationally
sound. If the answer to this is 'no' then you have two options, 1)
make it conservationally sound or 2) remove the frame and store it

You have to bear in mind that in order for a frame to be archivally
safe for photographs, it has to be 'silver- safe', which is a higher
specification than that required for prints and illustrations.
Generally, frames are not silver-safe, and the best option for the
longevity of the photograph therefore, is to bin the frame.

Unless of course, if you are a 'Greenery-yallery Grosvenor Gallery
type of conservator', in which case "it doesn't matter how important
the frame is... it is part of the photograph's 'nature' and must be
kept, regardless of expense."


Jonathan Farley
Senior Conservator
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
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> Dear All,
> I am working with an extremely restricted storage space and I would
> like anyone's thoughts on two questions concerning the storage of
> photos. Firstly, I have a number of framed photos - is it common
> practice to remove frames unless they are of significance? I would
> like to do this in order to reduce the space required. Secondly,
> though it is not ideal by any means, I am considering boxing photos
> by size rather than in series order as this will be a much more
> efficient use of space. I wonder if anyone has gone down that path
> before with any kind of collection and, if so, did it cause any
> major problems? I would say our photos are certainly not used
> regularly. Replies, please, to [log in to unmask] (having
> problems changing my email address on the listserv!)
> Thanks,
> Amanda Ingram
> Archivist
> Pembroke College, Oxford
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