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The Avon Group of the Royal Statistical Society will be meeting again on 
the 10th of May 2007. The theme of the meeting will be 
"Complexity and uncertainty” with speakers 
Peter Green(University of Bristol) and 
David Draper (University of Santa Cruze California and University of Bath).

Date: Thursday 10th of May at 4.00 pm (tea and coffee from 3.30 pm)

Place: Seminar room, Department of Mathematics, University of Bristol
SM3, Department of Mathematics, University of Bristol.  
Directions to the maths department can be found at

Local Organiser: Jon Rasbash ([log in to unmask])

Abstracts can be found at

At the end of the meeting there will be a brief presentation on the Royal 
Statistical Society's initiatives for career young statisticians, 
followed by a drinks reception to facilitate discussion, networking, and 
the creation of an action plan for future Young Statisticians' events in 
the Avon area.

Please pass this invitation on to anyone you feel may be interested 
("young" is very loosely interpreted, and covers essentially anyone who 
considers themselves in an early part of a statistical career).  
If you intend to attend, please contact David Leslie, 
[log in to unmask], so we can ensure adequate refreshments are 

Looking forward to seeing you there
Daphne Kounali