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> Painted walls, screens, lofts, carvings, tombs etc. are well documented,
but is there any evidence for features such as windows (window mullions,
cinquefoils etc.) also being decorated (both internally and externally)?

as it happens, i just this morning read an early 19th c. reprint of a late
18th c. "Dissertation" on the subject of the earliest (then) known glass
windows, and mention was made of a text (Gregory of Tours' Lives of the
Martyrs, i believe) which spoke of "wood" in the context of glass windows.

the original author of the Dissertation had taken this to mean that the glass
itself was fitted into wood (rather than lead) "lams", but the fellow who
reprinted it in the 1820s suggested that it was a matter of leaded glass
panels, fitted into a wood frame.

in any case, if wood were used then there's a good chance that it was painted,
for the sake of preservation.

whether it was painted with some sort of *decorations* or not is another
> The same question arises regarding fonts and piscinae - were they ever

i know not from fontums and piscinaes.


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