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Chris, for the British Carmelites it would be best to contact Fr Richard Copsey ([log in to unmask] ; other address details here: ). He has the most extensive and up-to-date information, improving considerably on earlier research. As Helen Brown noted has noted, the divisions were not always very stable. Copsey has also published some relevant articles. He can most easily give you the bibliographical references himself, but if you have trouble contacting him I can chase them up for you. -- Paul Chandler

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I have found out that the Carmelites in the English province (does this
include Scotland and Ireland as well?) were divided into
four 'distinctions' - London, York, Norwich and Oxford - but which
friaries are associated with which distinction is proving difficult to
find out.  Norwich seems to consist of Burnham Norton, Blakeley, King's
Lyn and Yarmouth.

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