Dear Soumitri,

I am encouraged by an excellent recent book by sociologist Donald N. Levine.
It is called "Powers of the Mind:  The Reinvention of Liberal Learning in
America," University of Chicago Press, 2006.

Richard Buchanan
Carnegie Mellon University

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> I am reading Mary Evans' book "Killing Thinking: The Death of the
> Universities" for my reflective paper on my term as Program Director
> here. And she delivers a pretty devastating indictment from a very
> particular perspective. Its the story of what happened over the past
> two decades to British Universities, and the story is the same for
> universities in Australia. Continuous performance evaluation, funding
> cutbacks, and the push for research. Did design schools in the US
> escape these changes?
> Would be interested in anecdotes from other countries too (Ido,
> Eduardo, Can, Chris). I have read Alpay, and have heard the word
> around events like Wonderground- so it looks like we have all worked
> hard to adapt. But the tension between research and practice refuses
> to go away.  A Good Tension I think - I like.
> Still I would like to hear - and this will help me in writing with a
> broader context in mind. Thank you.
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