ITiCSE 2007 Working group announcements 

ACM SIGCSE's conference on Innovation & Technology in Computer Science 
Education, ITiCSE 2007 - Inclusive Education in Computer Science - will be 
hosted by the University of Dundee in June 2007.

We are pleased to announce that six working groups will operate at ITiCSE 
WG1 - Debugging Assistance for Novices: A Video Repository 
WG2 - Developing a Computer Science-Specific Learning Taxonomy 
WG3 - Using a Computing Ontology for Educational Purposes 
WG4 - A Multi-perspective Digital Library to Facilitate Integrating 
Teaching Research Methods Across the Computing Curriculum 
WG5 - A Survey of Literature on the Teaching of Introductory Programming 
WG6 - The Impact of Social Networks on Students' Learning Experience 
(students only)

For more information about how working groups operate, and details of how 
to join, visit

12 March 2007 deadline for receipt of proposals for posters, student 
posters, tips & techniques and demonstrations
26 March 2007 working group application period closes
25 May 2007 early registration closes

For full details about the conference, the schedule and the location visit

Dr Ramanee Peiris
ITiCSE 2007 Program Co-Chair 
School of Computing
Queen Mother Building
University of Dundee
Dundee DD1 4HN

ACM-SIGCSE ITiCSE 2007 - Inclusive Education in Computer Science, 12th 
Annual Conference on Innovation and Technology in Computer Science 
Education, 25-27th June 2007, University of Dundee, Scotland