Metal Language: take a saw and a metre block and cut into and against the grain of language. What a fool am I - metalanguage (language about language) of course.
There are 44 phonemes/morphemes in the English Language - which Henri Chopin once lovingly exploited. You'd all have thought "cat" was cat but there are three phonemes/morphemes in cat -- K - A - T. I am really talking the study of morphology here (breaking language down phonetically). We've also been breaking language down visually and grammatically. Fantastic!
In pursuance of things broken I must declare that my former statement - "I love Shirley beyond all measure" - cannot be. She is my assistant and is married. However, the word "married" can be broken down into five phonemes/morphemes - and possibly more if my theory could ever be proven, measured (in metres and meters).
Love is a short vowel, Moon is a long vowel and "cup" was placed in simple CVC words category one (one of four on the given scale). However much I want to cup hands and lips with Shirley, this is impossible (no matter how we laugh and entangle eyes together: hers is a consonant blend that my name cannot match).
Suffix to say, my friend is my ship on a sea of silly syllables. Sorry Shirley, it's my age, my homophones. There is no suffix to "yes," only "no" - as in me (nobody).
Shirley? Shirley! Shirley: Shirley; Shirley, Shirley-- (Shirley) Shirley......
PS - Would love to hear Victor Borge on punctuation Mairead!
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This sounds like a GREAT week, Rupert.  Why would you want out?
What's"metal language"?
Have you ever heard Victor Borge's great routine on (the sounds of) punctuation?