An addition to those collecting fantasy maps (anthropoid variety)
In The Independent Magazine (London), Saturday 27 January 2007, regular feature 'PsychoGeography' by Will Self, p.7:-
As usual Will Self's column is accompanied by a reproduction of a Ralph Steadman coloured image, in this case 'The state of the union' which is captioned 'Foreign parts'.  Depicted is a map of the British Isles with the opposite northern French coastline.  Small quotes from the text:-
"You obviously haven't looked at a map recently.  Consider this: Britain is often depicted as an anthropoid landmass, with Cornwall as its leg, East Anglia as its rump, and so on. [. . .]  If you follow this mad, cartographic logic, then Scotland is Britain's head, and Wales its arms and embonpoint."  Be warned: some parts of Self's text, referring to human anatomy and sexuality, you may not care to show your grandmothers.  [this should cause a rush of online seekers . . .]
Francis Herbert
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