"The Portolan" has been published since 1984 and welcomes you to investigate this thrice-yearly journal with articles on maps, the history of cartography, and exploration. It is the only journal of its kind in the Americas.   Below is information on the issue just published.  See the end of this message for the link to the contents list of all back issues and an index to those issues.  The focus of the society and the journal is not solely Washington; topics are widespread in scope.
ISSUE 67 (Winter 2006)
Issue 67 (Winter 2006), consisting of 72 pages, was published in December 2006 and has been sent to all subscribers and members in good standing of the Washington Map Society. Copies are available for purchase.
PARTICK MCLAUGHLIN discusses American map experts at the Paris Peace Conference of 1919.  GENE SCHEEL describes an exhibition of extremely rare Thai maps in Bangkok.  CYRUS ALA’I reviews 450 years of maps of Persia.  JOEL KOVARSKY and MARYKE BARBER relate the difficulties in correctly cataloging antique maps.  IAN BURNETTE reveals many of the maps used to entice and serve gold rush prospectors on their way to the Klondike.  RODNEY SHIRLEY’s ten key points for map collectors is shared.  JOHN DOCKTOR describes the first ten years of the WMS website. BERT JOHNSON provides an update on the July 2007 ICHC meeting in Berne, Switzerland. The winner and honorary mention papers for the 2006 Ristow Prize Competition are announced.  Two books are reviewed.  And there is more. "The Portolan" is published three times per year; issue 68 is due for release in April 2007.
CONTENTS OF ISSUE 67 – Winter 2006
“Mapping the Peace: American Cartographers and Statemakers at Versailles” by Patrick McLaughlin
“Royal Thai Maps of the Nineteenth Century” by Eugene Scheel
“Mapping Persia” by Cyrus Alai
“Rare Map Cataloging: A Case of Special Considerations” by Joel Kovarsky and Maryke Barber
“Klondike Road Maps: Selling Comfort and Convenience on the Route(s) to the Gold Fields” by Ian Burnette
A regular feature in 'The Portolan,' this is a bibliographic listing of articles and books appearing worldwide on antique maps and globes and the history of cartography. By Eric W. Wolf.
“Northern Eurasia in Medieval Cartography” (Reviewer: Evelyn Edson)
“Cartographies of Travel and Navigation” (Reviewer: John Cloud)
1. Washington Map Society Meetings, January - May 2007
2.  President’s Winter Letter, by William A. Stanley
3.  Exhibitions and Meetings
4.  Map Site Seeing
5.  Letters to the Editor
6.  2006 Ristow Prize Winners Announced
7.  2007 Ristow Prize Competition
8.  Ten Key Points for Map Collectors, by Rodney Shirley
9.  WMS Annual Business Meeting, April 20, 2006, by Steven J. Vogel
10.  Tenth Anniversary of www.washmap.org by John W. Docktor
11.  22nd ICHC Takes Shape in Berne by Bert Johnson
12.  Spotlight on the WMS Membership – Kris Butler, Bert Johnson, Barry Ruderman
13.  Cartographic Notes, by Thomas F. Sander

CYRUS ALA’I is a renowned researcher and author on the mapping of Persia.
MARYKE BARBER is the Government Documents & Media Collections Coordinator at the library of Hollins University.
IAN BURNETTE is Territorial Archivist at the Yukon Archives in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada.
JOHN CLOUD is a geographer at the US National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration.
JOHN DOCKTOR is webmaster of the WMS and first Interim President of the Council of North American Map Societies.
EVELYN EDSON, recently retired from Piedmont Virginia Community College, is a well-known researcher and author on medieval mapping.
HUBERT JOHNSON, past president of Washington Map Society, has attended the last four ICHCs and looks forward to Berne.
JOEL KOVARSKY is the owner of The Prime Meridian, and a respected researcher and author on topics cartographic.
PATRICK McLAUGHLIN was a member of the cartographic records staff at the US National Archives from 1964 to 1975.
THOMAS SANDER is editor of “The Portolan.”
EUGENE SCHEEL has written nine books and countless articles about Virginia history, and has researched and hand-drawn more than four dozen detailed historical maps of Virginia and vicinity.
RODNEY SHIRLEY is a renowned map researcher and author.
WILLIAM A. STANLEY, President of the Washington Map Society, is Chief Historian (emeritus) National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration.
STEVEN J. VOGEL is Secretary of the Washington Map Society.
ERIC W. WOLF, twice past President of the Washington Map Society, is an internationally recognized authority on the history of cartography.
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