I'm all for grace periods as a matter of course.  Many publishers have now adopted them, and I congratulate those who have done so.

On journal access problems, we've lost Radiology, Veterinary Record, Journal of Information Warfare, and European Respiratory Journal so far.  I haven't had chance to check my list of 'usual suspects' (we all have them, I'm sure).  And that's before we start chasing:

1. New subscriptions for January 2007
2. New upgrades for January 2007
3. Subscriptions we should have had during 2006 but never did
4. Upgrades we requested during 2006 but never got access

Oh, and ingenta seems to be doing some interesting things as well, although it is never easy to tell with them until 2007 issues appear!

Fun, isn't it ...?


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It's the same old story again!

It's only 10 days into 2007 and already we are finding that we have already suffered several losses of access to our electronic journals. We only know about some of these due to problems being reported by our users or because we received automated email alerts from those few services that provide them. How many more losses of access have we suffered that we have yet to uncover? It is totally unacceptable for publishers to remove our access to our subscriptions without first trying to see if there is an underlying problem that has caused them to believe that a subscription has not been renewed for 2007. 

Yet all of these problems could have been avoided if the publishers in question had implemented a gracing period. 



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