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Subject: [data-protection] Fines for travelling without a ticket; name and 

On Cardiff Railway station is a poster containing a list of names, partial 
addresses and fines of people who travelled without a ticket. The 
information is of the form name, road, town, county, fine.

Fred Bloggs, Acacia Avenue, Egham, Surrey, 340

I have also seen this on Brighton railway station.

This is a list of individuals with a criminal record?

Interesting eh?

Nick Landau's response:

This is referred to as an example of good practice in "March Update" "the 
monthly newsletter from the (railway) industry's Community Safety Support 

"300 fare dodgers caught

Metro operator Nexus caught 311 people riding the system without a ticket in 
a four week period. The 311, from Tyneside and Wearside, were prosecuted 
through the courts and ordered to pay a total of 41,750 in fines and costs.

Their names have now been added to prominently-displayed 'name and shame' 
posters across the network. Director of
Metro, Ken Mackay, said: "There is a minority of people who think they can 
get away with riding the system without
tickets but our success in gaining prosecutions proves they can't"

See "West Midlands Passenger Transport Authority Solihull Transport Users' 
Advisory Committee"

"Furthermore, Central Trains are also running a Name and Shame Campaign 
where the names of persistent offenders will be displayed on posters at rail 
stations and adverts within newspapers."

Nick Landau 

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