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Subject: [data-protection] Partner Institutions


I'm hoping that someone can give me a bit of advice.  I have received a
Subject Access Request from a student based at one of our partner
institutions.  We validate the degrees awarded by the partner
institution.  Does the request just cover information held by us or does
it also cover information held by our partner institution?

If anyone has any experience of dealing with similar requests I would be
interested to hear how the requests were treated.

Nick's response:

I note from that:

"CES students have the option of spending one semester at a partner 
university in Poland, France, Hungary, Turkey or Finland. With some of these 
partners Double Degree programmes also exist, whereby successful students 
are awarded a degree from the partner institution in addition to their 
Exeter degree."

The question is surely whether you hold the information and are registered 
for it.

If you hold the information on the student and are registered for it, then I 
would have thought that you have to tell them what they have and supply it 
if they request it.

In the quote there is also an international implication.

I would have thought that if the information was supplied to you by the 
partner institution where the student is registered I would suggest that you 
refer the student to there.

I have no specific experience of this - just observations.

Nick Landau 

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