I had rather meant more from the disclosure point of view.

For example:-

1. Who determines and how if any exemption request is a fishing expedition;
2. Are the costs of servicing exemption requests a determinant in
formulating a policy?
3. What monitoring if any of serviced exemptions takes place?
4. What defines fishing, rather than a focused enquiry which appropriately
exercises an exemption?

This case seems to indicate that routine access to and checking of personal
data could not have warranted the application of an exemption.
If the access to the personal data had been less frequent, or ostensibly
more focused material wise, could an exemption have been claimed?
Was the method of access the real problem, or the disclosures gained by that

A great many DP implications appear to be embedded in the reported outcome
to the case.

Ian W

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Subject: FW: [data-protection] Training in the appropriate application of

Evening All,

Accidentally sent this just to Ian. Any other volunteers?

Michael Doherty

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You might be interested in my parent organisation's policy instructions.


Michael Doherty
(Currently working for the Home Office!!!)

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Food for thought: - - Pair Jailed over royal
phone taps. - Royal coverage put
in the spotlight.

In any organisation, who initially determines the point at which an
exemption should apply and where it should not?

Perhaps more importantly what tests, generic parameters, scales or
guidelines are utilized or available, and how are they tailored to match an
organisations requirement in applying determinations of that type?

How often do those mechanisms/policies/procedural guidelines require

Ian W

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