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Dear Rosemary,

Thanks very much for the pointer to George Rigg's entry on Lawrence of 
Durham in the Oxford DNB.  Since that was written there have been 
important accretions to the scholarly literature on Lawrence, most 
notably Susanne Daub's edition of the _Hypognosticon_ (Erlangen: Palm & 
Enke, 2002).  Daub, a student and, more recently, junior colleague of 
Udo Kindermann at Köln (whose earlier work on L. Rigg mentions several 
times), now also has a substantial monograph, _Von der Bibel zum Epos: 
poetische Strategien des Laurentius am geistlichen Hof von Durham_ 
(Köln: Böhlau, 2005).  A very recent article is Mia Münster-
Swendsen, "Setting Things Straight: Law, Justice and Ethics in the 
Orations of Lawrence of Durham", _Anglo-Norman Studies_ 27 (2005),

John Dillon

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